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Our client creates innovative non-invasive and minimally invasive technologies that are essential for aesthetic and wellness practices.


Industry Specialty


Region MWM Covers

Aesthetics Technologies Manufacturer

To support their clients post-sale

Continental United States


The Brief

Not often do we come across a true win-win. In this case, we not only help InMode’s clients market their new devices, but we also raise awareness of InMode’s brand in doing so.

Middle Way Marketing helped InMode close sales by providing doctors with personalized marketing for their new InMode services. With our support, these doctors now feel confident in their purchase, knowing that the machine won’t be rotting away in the corner.


Enterprise - Video Production and Social Media Management


By creating entertaining and informative posts for InMode's clients, we are able to increase brand/product awareness for doctors and patients, brand authority for InMode, and improve InMode's client satisfaction rates.  

Organic Social Media Results

Across more than 50 accounts, we have generated:

  • Increased Instagram follows by 84% on average per client

  • Increased engaged people on Facebook by 161% on average per client

  • Enhanced over 50 websites with custom Videos

Brand Awareness at Scale 

Across more than 50 accounts, we have generated:

  • Over 6 thousand posts created

  • Over 7 million organic impressions 

  • Over 600 thousand video views 

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