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Nashville’s first and only mobile med spa that brings the most sought-after aesthetics services directly to their client’s door.


Practice Area



Med Spa

To get the word out about their new mobile med spa  

Nashville, TN


The Brief

Content Creation and Branding

As a brand-new business with a brand-new business model, JUNE Mobile Med Spa needed to figure out how to reach and educate their audience about their services and ultimately get bookings. With a fun and cutesy twist to the normal brick-and-motor med spas, JUNE was looking for a team of expert marketers that could help them rocket-launch their business.  

Middle Way Marketing created their flagship video and built their social media presence from scratch. By coming up with a strategic social media marketing plan, we were able to grow JUNE’s brand awareness, increase traffic to the website, and promote their services.


Organic Social Media Results

Between March 2021 and July 2021:

  • 60 posts created

  • 41,872 total post impressions

  • 6,000 post video views

  • 260% increase in audience growth

  • 3,420 total likes, comments, clicks, and more

By arming our publishing strategy with entertaining, high-quality, and informative content, we were able to exponentially grow JUNE’s social presence and drive direct messages to booked appointments.

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