Meet Our Team

Conner O'Rourke

Founder & CEO

Conner began his career in film & television at Warner Bros and NBC Universal. When he’s not working you can usually find him rock climbing, golfing or on the couch watching a movie.

Brett Chikowski

Founder & COO

A California native, Brett has lived all over the world. With his work he prides himself on open and honest communication. On the soccer field he plays as a stingy holding mid.

Axel Alarcón

Creative Director

Videographer, editor, designer, camera operator, painter, musician, dog father, born in Monterrey, raised in Houston, man, myth, and legend. Oh yeah, and head of Middle Way’s creative efforts.

Stephanie Cohen

Digital Marketing Manager

Known for both her creative and analytical brain, Stephanie is fueled by her passion for digital marketing and advertising. Outside of work, you can usually find her at a local restaurant or a coffee shop in town.

Michael Jimenez

Post Production Supervisor

Born and raised in Odessa, TX, Michael grew up with aspirations of one day joining the film and media industry. He understands the true value of hard work and is happy to be the official Hype Man for Middle Way Marketing.

Trey Dickerson

Video Editor

A walking pop-culture reference machine, Trey is obsessed with storytelling. Are they a nerd? Yes. A geek? Maybe. David Bowie karaoke royalty? Definitely.


Barketing Manager

Woof. Woof. Bark.